Cash back from your grocery, app, online, etc. purchases!

Hey guys!

Today I want to share an app with you that I use regularly and LOVE! It’s called Ibotta and it is an app for digital rebates on grocery, app, restaurant, liquor and other purchases.

Android users can download it here.

Apple users can download it here.

Ibotta has rebates in the following categories: grocery, pharmacy, clothing, beer wine and spirits, beauty and wellness, specialty, restaurants and bars, convenience, and mobile shopping.

This app, in my opinion, is the best app for cash back out there. Any brand rebates such as milk or bread that give you money back for buying any type of those products which I really like. You can also work toward earning bonuses, which award you even more money.

My favorite rebates right now are the 20% cash back on groupon purchases, 3% cash back on Boxed, $5 back on $25 purchase at Jo-Ann fabrics, 2% cash back at Best Buy, $.50 on any brand ground beef , $.25 on brussel sprouts, and $.25 any brand carrots (multiple grocery stores).

As you can see, there are a wide variety of rebates offered by this app and getting your money is easy! You can have the money sent to a PayPal or Venmo account once you gain $20 or you can redeem it for all sorts of gift cards with different minimums.

When you download the app and redeem your first rebate, you will get an extra $10 to your account if you use my referral code Ik4e8a.

Enjoy the free money everyone!



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