Dinner at Uno Pizzeria & Grill

Hey Guys!

February is a big month for me. It is my 4th anniversary with my boyfriend on the 11th, his birthday is on the 12th and obviously Valentine’s Day on the 14th.

Today was a crazy day at school and by 4pm my boyfriend and I realized that we hadn’t eaten all day. We decided to make up for it by celebrating early and driving an hour to go to our favorite restaurant, Uno Pizzeria & Grill.

Our hunger worked to our favor because we love so much of their food and we got to really enjoy it. We started our meal with a delicious drink that we tried for the first time, their raspberry lemonade.


It was VERY good and I wish I had tried it sooner. The rest of the meal consisted of our normal favorites.

We started our meal with our favorite appetizer, Pizza Skins. It is a deep dish pizza crust filled with mashed potatoes, cheese and bacon served with sour cream. It is their version of traditional potato skins but it is SO MUCH BETTER. We sometimes order one to go as well because the closest UNO is an hour away.

Next, I got the power salad which is my favorite restaurant salad. It is filled with TONS of toppings including chicken, feta, cranberries, gogi berries, almonds, carrots, tomatoes, and pepitas and it’s tossed in vinaigrette.  I should also mention that even though I was very hungry, I couldn’t finish the whole salad and brought about half of it home. I switch between entrees because they honestly have so many good ones but I haven’t had this one in a while and didn’t want to bombard my stomach with a heavy meal. Some other good entree choices include their baked stuffed chicken spinoccolli, the Uno burger, BBQ chicken flatbread and their Super Roni Chicago thin crust pizza (my boyfriend got this tonight).

If you have an Uno in your area, I would definitely recommend it. The food is great and the service is always fantastic. Plus, they have a great rewards program and send a lot of coupons by email. I used one tonight for 25% off my entire purchase!

It was the perfect date night. We really enjoy driving together- we always have the best road trip conversations. I can’t believe it has been four years since we first met! Man, time flies.

If you guys check out Uno, let me know what you order and what your thoughts are! I would love to hear feedback.




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