Notable Pit Stops in Buffalo, New York

Going to college has made Buffalo, NY a part of who I am. Throughout the past three and a half years, I have explored the city (and surrounding areas) to learn what my favorite parts of Buffalo are. I’ve collected a list so I can share these gems with the rest of the world.
1. Chestnut Ridge Park (Orchard Park, NY)

Chestnut Ridge park has many things to offer. The attraction it is most well known for is The Eternal Flame, which is a methane gas flame inside of a shale creek waterfall. The hike to the flame is mostly through the creek but it is a very cool thing to see. In my opinion, the best part of the park is the view pictured above. You are able to see the cities of Buffalo and Niagara Falls from the top of the hill. In addition to this wonderful view, there are miles of walking paths winding around the park. It is a magical walk during the fall and a must see if you are looking to enjoy the beauty of nature.

2. Key Bank Center – formerly known as First Niagara Center (Buffalo, NY)

Even though the name of this arena changes almost as often as the seasons do, the Sabres games are a lot of fun! They also host the Bandits lacrosse games which are very energetic and entertaining! I went to my first Bandits game – which was also my first professional lacrosse game- a few months ago and was delighted by how fun of an experience the players and commentators make it. It’ is a very interactive experience. No matter what team you are going to see, the Key Bank Center is guaranteed to provide great memories. Key Bank Rink was also recently built about 2 years ago (formerly known as Harbor Center) that is connected to Key Bank Center by an overpass. The Canisius College hockey games are played there and I love the atmosphere of that rink as well! There is a restaurant below the rink called “716”. I haven’t been there but they have huge screens to watch games on as well.

3. Transit Drive In (Lockport, NY)

The drive in has to be my favorite form of entertainment in Buffalo! They have double features every showtime and sometimes even triple features! They always have the newest movies the same day they come out in normal theaters and it only costs $9 per adult so you can’t beat the deal! The money you save in tickets can be used to get a good snack at the concession stand. I love the nachos – they give you a ton of cheese!

4. Art Park (Lewiston, NY)

Although I haven’t explored the park in depth, my first visit was very relaxing! I was recommended by a friend who lives in Lewiston, NY. It is a great spot for fishing and they have a lot of spots to just relax and enjoy the view! They also host a lot of concerts up there. When I went I sat in Percussion Park where there were all sorts of noisemaker toys including a seesaw with pebbles inside of it to make your own music as you play. I’ll give you an update on this spot when I visit more!

5. Gregs U-Pick Farm Market (Clarence Center, NY)

I wanted to go blueberry picking for the longest time and really enjoyed it here. They have a small barn with animals and quite a large area of blueberry plants for you to pick from. They also have a wide variety of pre-picked produce that you can buy. I bought a 1/4 watermelon and some corn on the cob and it was all delicious!

6. Jims Steakout (Buffalo, NY)

Buffalo is most famous for it’s chicken wings but I prefer the BBQ chicken finger sub at Jim’s. You can get it buffalo style if you’re trying to stay true to Buffalo roots. They also have a unique sandwich called the “Stinger” but you better bring a huge appetite for that because you’ll need it! I also recently tried their poutine fries and instantly fell in love. It’s a bowl full of comfort food goodness. I love them because they use cheddar cheese instead of cheese curds so the cheese melts into the gray. Any item you choose is guaranteed to be a hit here.

If you are ever in the Buffalo area, try at least one of these places out and I promise you won’t regret it!


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