Cruelty Free Makeup Line

Hey Guys!

I have some great products to share with you from 42 Dubonnet. They are a new start up makeup line that doesn’t test on animals and is Peta certified. This factor alone is what sparked my interest in this brand. I’m not a fan of animal testing and will do all I can to not buy animal tested products. In addition to this great characteristic, they have some great products!

Here’s a photo of what they sent me in return for an honest review:

I was thrilled to receive this because they sent one of each of their products so I can share my opinion of all of them with you!

The first thing I noticed was how compact their products are and how sleek their packaging is! I learned from their website that they designed their products to be able to fit in a clutch so you can take them on the go! I love this concept because you can easily touch up your makeup throughout the night.

The first thing I was attracted to was the Smoky Eyes Mini Compact eyeshadow pallet. It comes with all of the colors you need for a complete smoky eye. I searched the colors on my arm so you can get an idea of what they look like applied:

Smoky Eye Colors: Moonshine (light), Sidecar (medium, color is frosted), Bourbon (dark) & Noir (black).

The colors are really rich and have a nice shimmer. The compact has a mirror built in and two small brushes so you don’t have to mix the colors on the brush. The colors apply easily and are the perfect shades for me to do a smoky eye with my skin tone. I love these and can’t wait to try them out. I will be posting pictures on Instagram when I do so keep an eye out!

The next thing I tried out were the lip glosses. I LOVE the applicator brush on these. It is the brush type of applicator (not the usual wand applicator). The brush makes them very easy to apply and spread. I was nervous about the dark red shade, grenadine, because I am not a fan of dark lip gloss. I was pleased when I tried it to realize that the gloss itself isn’t very dark but the colors of the sparkles are. These would look great layered over their lipsticks for an extra pop of sparkle! Here are pictures of the glosses themselves and them on me.

Xanthia (dark mauve)

Blinker (pink)

Grenadine (dark red)

The next thing I tried was the Kissable Lipstick. I love how much staying power their lipsticks have! I searched them on my hand and it took quite a bit of time to get the color off! I’m excited to wear these out and see how long they last before I need to touch up! Here’s the photo of the swatches:

Lipstick colors: Dubonnet (red), Sweet Vermouth (mauve) and Pink Shimmy (pink).

My favorite color is the Sweet Vermouth. I was very surprised by how rich this color is. I have never tried a lipstick this color before but I’m going to wear this tomorrow!

The next items is their Fring Mascara Noir with Keratin. I think it is awesome that their mascara has Keratin in it because I have heard great things about it. Their website says that it nourishes and thickens lashes. I am excited to wear this and see the results! I’ll be posting a before and after application of this on Instagram very soon. I also am excited about the fact that it is smudge proof. I always seem to find a way to smudge my mascara so this is a big deal for me. Here’s a picture of the mascara and wand (please excuse my chipped nails):

The last item is definitely not the least! The Sultry Eyes Gel Liner Pot is a new item for me. I have never used gel liner but I am very excited to try it once I buy a brush. It is waterproof and smudgeproof which is amazing. It also has a Moisture-restoring ingredient called lecithin. I wasn’t able to swatch or try this one yet but it looks like it will glide on very smoothly. I will share pictures of my cat eye on Instagram once I try it out! Here is a picture of the eye liner:

Overall, I LOVE 42 Dubonnet’s products and I definitely recommend them to you! They are long lasting and a lot of staying power!

If you want to learn more about their products, check out their website by clicking here.

You can also follow them on Instagram by clicking here.

If you try their products, share your photos with me and let me know how you like them in the comments! You won’t regret your purchase and you will be taking a step toward ending animal testing!

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