Siam Red Floorboard Finding

Hi Guys!

I received a Swarovski Crystal ring in Siam (red) from the Etsy store Floorboard Findings. They make really beautiful jewelry all with Swarovski crystals!

Here is a picture of the ring that I received:

This ring is gorgeous! The red color is gorgeous! When you have the ring in different light, it looks dark ruby like in some light and then bright clear red in others. I really love that this ring is adjustable! When I got the ring, it adjusted to be a tad smaller for the finger I wanted to put it on but it was very easy to open up a tad to fit. These would make the perfect gift for anyone because they will fit no matter what and they are beautiful! I also like the rope design on the band. It gives the ring a bit of a rustic touch.

Overall, the craftsmanship of their jewelry is fantastic and I guarantee you will love any piece of their jewelry.

If you would like to check out their jewelry, click here to see their Etsy page.

Also, you can click here to follow them on Instagram!

If you purchase a piece of their jewelry, please share a picture and tell me what you think of it in the comments!

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