Bolder Band Workout Headband Review & GIVEAWAY!

Hey guys!

I am blessed because I was able to schedule my classes so that on Monday and Wednesday I only have class from 2:30-3:45. I decided to maximize my time and go to breakfast and the gym.

I got the fit slam at Denny’s and it was really good. It comes with egg whites scrambled with cherry tomatoes and spinach, an English muffin, turkey bacon and fruit. It was the perfect amount of food to fuel me for my day. After that I went to my gym, Planet Fitness.

I received a headband free for my honest review. I decided to wear it to the gym today and I love it. I never wear headbands because they always slide off of my head by this one stays in place for me. I like it wider on the top and think it stays better that way, but you can style them three ways. You also are supposed to wear the part with the Bolder Bamds logo in the back at the nape of your neck. I had it on the front at first and then and kept sliding off. I then realized that it is the design so you can expand the front part to three widths! Here’s a photo of me rocking my headband at the gym:

This print is the southwest dressed headband. I love this band! The best part is that you can throw it in the washer and hang dry it. This makes it perfect for a workout because when it gets sweaty you just throw it in the washer after a trip to the gym.

What is even better about all of this is that Bolder Bands has agreed to partner for a GIVEAWAY! That means that you can win your own bolder band!

To enter the giveaway, visit my Instagram page and click on the headband picture for the giveaway rules! You can go to my Instagram page by clicking here. The giveaway ends Wednesday 2/22/17 at 8pm EST.

If you would like more information about bolder bands or want to buy your own, click here.

If you would like to follow them on social media, click the links below:

Facebook: CLICK HERE

Instagram: CLICK HERE


I hope you love their products! If you purchase one, let me know what you think in the comments!

Have a wonderful rest of the week!


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