Free Preppy Stickers by Mail: More Came!

Hey guys!

It has been a while since I posted some pictures of the stickers I have gotten in the mail. I wanted to let them collect a little before I made another post. I have received quite a few since the last sticker post so I hope you enjoy! If you would like info on how to get preppy stickers by mail, refer to my post about it here.

Here are the stickers I’ve gotten:

1. Mast General Store

They sent me a postcard and a ton of their logo stickers!

2. Bison Coolers

They sent 3 logo stickers

3. Herschel

They sent a sticker pack of 10 different stickers. Most of them are the small stickers. I think there is one black and one white bigger sticker in the pack.

4. U Scape

In return for recommending U Scape apparel to my college bookstore, they sent me 2 logo stickers. These look a lot like the Patagonia logo.

5. Love & Pineapples

They sent me these two cute stickers with a printed note.

6. Birkenstock

They sent me this one logo sticker

7. Sperrys

They sent me the below logo sticker

8. Yeti

They sent me 2 stickers. I stuck one on my Surface Pro already. Here is a photo of the other sticker they sent!

9. Crescent Cotton

They sent me these two cute stickers!

10. Buddha Pants

They sent me 3 small stickers and these awesome foil tattoos. You have to use a coupon code to get these free. See my other post “Free Stickers By Mail” – linked above – for more info.

11. Avery Brewing

They sent me 3 logo stickers along with some other goodies. If you are ever returning a stolen mattress to your roommate, you should check out their brewery!

12. Jadelynn Brooke

They sent me 2 brand stickers with a printed note.

13. Kiel James Patrick

They sent me 2 super cute stickers. I already posted this one on my last sticker/gear post but they are my favorite so I figured I would shout them out again! Below is only one of the stickers they sent if you want to see the other one (way cuter) click here to read my older post!

14. Surly Brewing Co.

They sent me these cute stickers!

15. Lands End

They sent quite a few of these brand stickers.

16. Yellow Dog Fly Fishing

They sent me these four big stickers!

17. Backcountry

They sent me this cute goat logo sticker.

18. American Fishing Takle Co.

They sent me these two stickers!

19. Brooklyn Brewery

They sent me the stickers pictured below as well as an additional big sticker and 3 pins!

20. New Belgium Brewing

They sent me these four stickers as well as some other gear!

I hope you enjoyed looking at these and maybe got some ideas of companies you would like to contact! Most of them fell under the preppy category but a few were something new. I started fly fishing a few months ago so I gained interest in fly fishing companies and tackle companies. I also turned 21 in August so since then, I have gained interest in small breweries and craft beers. Nonetheless, I hope you like them all! Comment your favorite sticker below!

Have a wonderful night and long weekend! I will be posting again soon.


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