Nicki Lynn Jewelry Favorites

Hey guys!

I recently had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful lady named Nicki, who as an Etsy Shop called Nicki Lynn Jewelry. When trying to establish a review partnership, we learned that we are both from Buffalo, NY! It is such a small world but it was really neat to be able to talk to someone from the area. She now lives down south but still has the Buffalo spirit inside.

She asked me to pick a piece of jewelry of my choice for my honest review and I chose the turquoise magnesite bracelet. She told me that she added a little something to get me ready for the next Buffalo Bills season as I told her I had not yet been to a game. When I received her package, I was thrilled to see what she sent. Here are a few photos:

First off, her packaging is adorable! I love the box and mints that she included with adorable bible verses on them. They were very good by the way! I also thought it was cute that she tied the box with a thank you charm. It is the little things that make you happy when shopping from small businesses.

In addition to the bracelet that I chose, she also included a Alex and Ani like bracelet with a bills charm and red, white and blue jewel charms! It was so sweet of her! She makes very nice jewelry and I definitely appreciated the personalized touch!

She is very responsive to messages and you can tell that she truly cares about her small business. She also offers a warranty on her jewelry so if anything goes wrong, you can message her on Etsy and she will make it right! That is something that I thought was very important. This proves that her work is high quality and if by chance something goes awry, she is willing to go the extra mile to make her customers happy.

At the moment, she is moving and her Etsy shop is closed momentarily until she gets settled. She hopes to be reopened within the next 2 weeks. In the meantime, you can visit her shop by clicking here and be notified by email when her shop reopens. You can also follow her on Instagram by clicking here.

I hope you all love her work as much as I do. If you shop at her store, share what you purchased in the comments below and let me know what you think about her products!

Stay Stylish,


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