Pineapple Jewelry Dish

Hey guys!

I received this cute Pineapple Jewelry dish from Megan at Simply Stylish Designs! She is an Etsy seller who has a ton of cute handmade items! She makes wood plaques, coasters, jewelry dishes and more! I saw her listing for the pineapple jewelry dish and loved it immediately. Unfortunately, she has taken down the listing for this specific jewelry dish but she still has a few other cute ones, including hand drawn ones like the one that I received. She also has a cute one with a bird standing on it.

Here is the Jewelry dish that she sent me free in return for my honest review:

(I threw one of my bracelets on it so you can see the size of the dish- I didn’t receive the bracelet from this seller. If you want to see the review of the pictured bracelet, click here)

I love this dish! It is perfect to put on your nightstand to keep your jewelry in over night or in the bathroom for when you are showering. I plan on making my bathroom pineapple themed when I move into my apartment in May so I will be putting it on a shelf in my bathroom.

I love the creativity and artistic feel of this piece. It is really nice that every dish is hand drawn and unique. I also am a huge fan of gold lately so I love the gold accents on this dish!

Here are the dishes that are on her listing currently under hand drawn jewelry dishes:

I think these are really cute too! My favorite one in this collection is the floral antler style! Another thing to point out is that her pieces are very reasonably priced! These dishes above are listed at $5. It is the perfect piece to add some flair to your room without breaking the bank.

I hope you guys love these as much as I do!

If you want to shop her Etsy shop, click here.

You should also like her page on Facebook @simplystylishdesign!

I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend!

Stay Stylish!


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