LED Lights That Will Brighten A Room

Hey guys!

I received these awesome wire lights from RTGS products! I have always wanted some string lights for my dorm room and liked one of my friends fairy lights. I was pleased to find out that these are even better!

Here is a photo of what they look like out of the box:

What I love most about these is that there is 10ft of slack wire between the plug and where the lights start. This is perfect because I hung them over my bed and I was able to plug them in behind my bed and have plenty of room to string them before the lights started. The light that these emit is crazy! They are a lot brighter than I imagined them being. I tried to take a photo of them one but they are so bright that this is how the photo came out:

I definitely recommend these above any other fairly or string lights! I also love the bluish hue of the LEDS. They have warm white lights available too but I’m not sure if they would be as bright. These are perfect for a dorm room or bedroom. They would also look very nice hung in front of a tapestry in a living room!

If you are interested in buying some, they also offer free shipping on all orders! Check out their site, by click here.

You should also follow their social media! Here are the links:


Facebook Page: CLICK HERE

Pinterest: CLICK HERE

Instagram: CLICK HERE


I hope you love these lights as much as I do!

Stay Stylish!


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