NAKD Fresh Fruit & Nut Bars

Hey guys!

I am exited to share NAKD bars with you! They sent me a huge package of their bars in exchange for my honest review. You can buy the sampler pack on their website and get most of the bars I received to try all of the different flavors- the sampler pack comes with 13 bars in all different flavors and it’s on sale now for $9.99. Click here to view the sampler pack on their site!

You may have seen a photo of their bars on my Instagram and the review has been a long time coming but I wanted to try all of them before writing my review so I could share my favorites with you!

First off, here is the gorgeous package they sent me:

I love the bright colors and little “Hello, gorgeous.” message! It’s the little things in life that make me happy.

So they sent me a wide variety of their bars and then one of their new product -nibbles! Their products are so healthy and suitable for pretty much any diet! They are:

Dairy free

Wheat and gluten free

Vegan friendly

Low in saturated fats

Free from added sugar and syrups

GMO Free


In essence, they are so healthy that anyone can and should eat them!

Here is what the bars look like unwrapped:

This is one of my favorites- the Strawberry Crunch bar! These are like no other bar you have ever eaten! The bars have real fruit, nuts and some have soya protein crunches that give the bars a little crunch. They say they are fruit and nuts smooshed together and that is a perfect description of them. Most of them have dates and raisins as the main ingredients but the flavor of them does not overpower the flavor of the bar. I absolutely love these bars for a snack before/after a workout or for breakfast. They are even good as a late night snack (even though I try to avoid those) because they are so healthy! I think kids would love these too! It’s an easy way to hide the nutrients into their diets! My favorite flavors were the strawberry crunch, apricot crunch, pecan pie and cocoa delight!

I also LOVED the coconut bliss nibbles! I hope to be able to try more of these in the future! These are smaller little bits that are very similar to the bars in texture. The coconut bliss nibbles had a hint of chocolate flavor and it was almost like you were cheating on your diet when eating them. 😋

Overall, I completely recommend these bars to you! They are the best vegan snack I’ve ever had and think you will all love them, no matter your diet! They are available in select grocers and you can also buy them online!

If you would like to check out their website, click here.

You can also follow them on Instagram by clicking click here. They are on Twitter too- click here to follow them! You can like their Facebook page by clicking here.

If you purchase NAKD bars, let me know what you think of them in the comments!



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