Hand Made Head Bands from BrodyRae Bowtique

Hey guys! BrodyRae Bowtique sent me 4 gorgeous headbands for my honest review! Tracy is an Etsy seller who is a stay at home mom. She hand makes beautiful headbands and a few beanies! Her headbands are available in all sizes from newborn to adult so you can definitely buy a mommy and me set, which is a great idea!

I loved all of her floral headbands and her pineapple one since it matches my pineapple themed blog. I told her to send whatever she had in stock and she sent me four bands! I was so surprised and thrilled when I opened the package! I didn’t expect to receive 4 but I am so happy because I love them all! Here is a photo of all of the headbands:

FullSizeRender (25)
I have to say, I think this mailer was the cutest packaging that I have received so far! I had to include it in the photo because it was so gorgeous! There are two different styles of headbands in her shop- turban and top knot. The top knot style can be converted into the turban style by simply untying the knot! I thought this was so cool! If you like both styles, you can just buy the top knot styles and convert them when you want to- this way, you can afford to buy more styles! It’s a win-win!

I’ll talk about each headband from left to right in the photo.

The first headband is the Aqua Pineapple Turban Headband:
You can view the listing for this headband here. This headband is so cute! I love the pineapple print and it actually matches a tank that I just reviewed from 20Fifteen Boutique (see review here). That would be an awesome outfit- I’ll have to take a photo wearing both and share it on Instagram!

The next headband is the Watercolor Floral Turban Headband:
You can view the listing for this headband by clicking here. I love these colors! This is perfect for summer with a sun dress and sandals! The colors are so vibrant and I love that the base color is neutral so you can pair it with so many different outfits!

The next headband is the Purple Floral on Aqua Green Topknot Headband:
You can view the listing for this headband by clicking here. I really like the colors in this print. I am a huge fan of aqua and have a dress that would go perfectly with this! This would be really cute for Easter with a pastel colored dress too! I have to say, I am a huge fan of the top knot style. I definitely recommend paying the extra 50 cents to be able to convert between the two styles. When I was originally told her that I liked the turban style but I am so glad she sent one that was a topknot style! I am totally persuaded that this is the way to go!

The last headband is her newest headband, the Plum Purple Floral Headband:
There isn’t a listing for this headband yet since it is her newest one but she told me that it will be listed very soon! Honestly, this is my favorite print out of all of them! Tracy really has great taste and makes high quality and unique products! I am so glad that she sent me this one. It was a great surprise and awesome to be able to try a headband that is so new to her shop! She is awesome to work with as well, which made the entire process very smooth!

Overall, I love these headbands! I am not a huge headband fan because they always slide off of my head as I move around throughout the day but I was delightfully surprised that these don’t! I can go about my normal day and not have to readjust these all the time. They are perfect for adults and teens but are adorable for newborns and kids! I also love the idea of matching them for twins or a mommy and me set! These would also make awesome gifts for someone. They are affordable but stylish at the same time!

If you would like to check out more of her headbands, click here to visit her shop!

I also encourage you to follow her on social media to stay up to date on the newest styles and prints:

Facebook: CLICK HERE

Instagram: CLICK HERE

I hope you love her headbands as much as I do! If you may a purchase, let me know what you think of your band in the comments!

Stay Stylish,


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