It’s Party Time: Natizo and Cheeky Reviews

Hey guys!

Tonight was an exciting night for me- I took my last midterm at 7pm. I decided to celebrate the commencement of Spring Break with a little party! I made cupcakes and shared them with my partner in crime, my boyfriend Brian. I few weeks ago I received a cake decorating set from a cookware company called Natizo for my honest review. Ruth, my contact at that company has been absolutely fantastic and understanding that things have been very hectic with school work. I finally got to bake the cake I bought over a week ago and am excited to share my results with you! I also received some party supplies for my honest review from an awesome company called Cheeky and decided that there was nothing better to model on their plates than my cupcakes! That being said, this is a double review and I hope you enjoy reading about both products!
Nothing but bright colors and delicious scents filled my dorm kitchenette this evening! I decided to make a cake using Pineapple Supreme cake mix. This is supposed to be used for pineapple upside down cake but I use it every time I make a cake because I love the taste of it so much more than using just a basic white cake mix! Natizo sent me their 43 piece cake decorating set and cheeky sent me two different sets of their full size plates, a set of dessert plates, a package of cups and two packages of cutlery! These two products are party planning must haves!
I decided to spice up the night by using McCormick food coloring and making the cake turquoise colored. I have never used food coloring for cake mix but I followed the color directions on the box and it came out perfectly.

IMG_3329FullSizeRender (24)
The next step once the cupcakes were done was to decorate! This was definitely my favorite step in the process. This kit has 26 different tips, which is awesome! You can literally decorate your cake anyway you want to with this set and it eliminates the need to get cakes from a bakery, which saves you a ton of money. Cakes where I am from are around $50 so this product is life changing for me! I am so excited that I will be able to decorate cakes the way I want to with this easy to use kit. This was the first time I have ever decorated a cake by myself and it wasn’t hard to learn the basics. The one suggestion I have is that you use the coupler. It is recommended but not required by the instructions but I definitely recommend it. It makes it so much easier to change tips and everything is so easy to clean between colors as well. I reused the same bag with the two colors I piped. This kit comes with a flower nail too so you can add flowers to your cakes. I am going to watch some videos and try to make some nice flowers the next time I decorate a cake. I guarantee that if you buy this, you will have a constant itch to bake a cake! It was such a fun night using this product and I really hope you buy one and experience the fun that this product brings.

Here are two photos of the finished products- I used blue food coloring for my boyfriend’s cupcake and raspberry colored for mine. Plus, these cupcakes look fantastic on the plates from Cheeky! These plates are very sturdy and high quality for party supplies! I love the print- it is perfect for a V-Day party or a Wedding Shower! I also love the cups! This are a good size for a party- not to small but also not so big that a ton of drink will be wasted if people leave them around (this always happens at my parties). The cups have silver stripes which are neutral and would go perfectly with almost any theme! I can’t wait to use these again for the next party I host! I still have so many left! I also love that the small plate fits perfectly inside the larger plate to spice up your plating. I did this in my photos above and love the way it looks. This would be perfect to set tables at a party- maybe you could even tie the silverware in a napkin with ribbon and place it on top! I’m getting too excited about the possibilities and picturing things I have seen on my Pinterest boards. Anyway, Cheeky has some awesome party supplies and you should definitely check them out! If you use them for your next party, you will definitely get some compliments!

Here are the links for Natizo if you are interested in their kitchenware products:

Cake Decorating Set Link (Amazon): CLICK HERE
Main Wesite: CLICK HERE

Facebook Page: CLICK HERE


Pinterest: CLICK HERE

Here are the links for Cheeky if you are interested in their party supplies:


Facebook Page: CLICK HERE

Instagram: CLICK HERE


Pinterest: CLICK HERE

Snapchat: CLICK HERE

I hope you love these two products as much as I do and use them during your next party!

Stay Stylish,


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