Happy Planner Layout with Washi Chick Tape!

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I showed you what I’ve done with my Happy Planner! I received some Washi Tape from an Etsy shop called Washi Chick in exchange for my honest review. I told her that I really liked the floral coloring tape and so she sent me that tape PLUS a Washi Sample! I loved the samples that she sent. I didn’t see those tapes in her shop so I was so surprised when I received them!

So of course as soon as I received these tapes, I had to do some decorating in my Happy Planner. I have to be honest, I was in love with the sample tapes she sent and I went a little crazy decorating with them. I am always so excited to decorate my planner so May was the first month I had free to decorate.

I am in LOVE with these tapes. The gold gives a pop to the page and the gold floral tape looks even better in real life. It has an awesome sparkle to it that the camera doesn’t do justice. The polka dot tape is cute too- it matches the theme perfectly. My Happy Planner May template is red so it was a PERFECT fit for this tape collection. I am so happy with this product. The sample size is just enough tape to decorate the monthly layout on the large planner and then put a few pops of tape on the other pages here and there.

The coloring book tape is also awesome! I have never seen coloring book Washi tap before so I was VERY excited about the idea of this product. The photo on Etsy is paired with colored pencil so I’m not sure if it is recommended to use markers on this tape, but I didn’t have any colored pencils in my dorm. I used some coloring markers that I bought from 5 Below. These markers worked pretty well on this tape. If I put my finger on the tape after I colored, there were a few tiny dots that didn’t dry immediately. After it dried for a few minutes it worked fine. I would test it on a small piece before using your own markers though as a caution.

Overall, these tapes were awesome and I loved decorating my large Happy Planner with them! If you guys would like to check out her products, check out these links:

Etsy shop: CLICK HERE


(You should check her website out- she has a ton of awesome Washi crafts!)

Instagram: CLICK HERE

Pinterest: CLICK HERE

I hope you love her tapes as much as I do! If you buy some, share your layout or craft pictures with me by email:


I’ll share them on my blog and/or Instagram!

Stay Stylish!


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