Pineapple Stamp From Dragonflybuzz

Hi guys! I have a review for you tonight that has been a long time coming. I searched all over locally around campus for a stamp pad and finally found the last one at the Dollar Tree today. Who knew a stamp pad would be so hard to find? I was a little picky because I wanted a nice colored one so I can stamp my Happy Planner. I found one at WalMart that was $8 and it was plain black- totally boring and overpriced! Anyway, sorry for the rant but I am finally able to share this review with you guys. I also want to thank Sylvia from Drangonflybuzz for being so patient with me! She sent me an awesome pineapple stamp in return for an honest review on my blog. Here is a few photos of the stamp itself as well as a few of my results:

I am completely in love with this stamp! It is perfect! I love how much detail the pineapple has- especially for the size of the stamp itself. Sylvia does great work and I definitely recommend her shop! These stamps would be perfect for invitations, stationary, or even decorating your planner like I am going to use it for! I also want to host a Hawaiian theme party in the future so I will definitely use the stamp for those invitations as well as other crafts that I do in the future. 

She has a stamp for everything in her shop! You should definitely check them out. One of my other favorites is a stamp of 6 birds on a branch. That design would be lovely for an invitation, even for a wedding! I also love the hedgehog and elephant stamps. I had a hard time choosing what my favorite one was but thought that the pineapple one was best to fit my blog aesthetic. Her stamps are also very reasonably priced- the pineapple one is listed for $5.50. Most of the stamps are around that range! Some are very intricate with design but are still in that price range which is absolutely awesome! All of the stamps are hand drawn so each one is a real piece of art! She also takes custom designs, you can request one by emailing

Overall, I am very pleased with this item and would completely recommend Sylvia’s store to all of you! If you would like to check out her store, you can do so by clicking HERE

I hope you all enjoyed reading and like this stamp as much as I do!

Stay Stylish!


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