Peel Off Polish From Little Ondine Co.

Hi guys! I received the coolest nail polish from a company called Little Ondine! I used to get my nails done with acrylic all the time at the nail salon but stopped a while ago because of how much it tears up your nails. I was never a fan of gel nail manicures and my nails discolored with polish. I came across Little Ondine and I loved the idea behind their polish! Their polish is water based and eco friendly but most importantly, it is vegan friendly and not harmful to your nails. You peel this off to remove it so you don’t have to expose your nails to the harmful chemicals of nail polish remover either! I fell in love with the idea and couldn’t wait to try it!

They sent me 3 polish colors and a top coat! The names of the colors are cherry blossoms (pink), lilac (purple), amazon (light green) and secret (clear top coat). I was so thrilled that I received so many great colors to try! I love these polishes after trying them twice. The polish lasts on average 5 days. At that point, some of the edges will start to peel up. You can push it back down sometimes to extend the life a little or just pull the small piece off that is peeling. I usually have chips starting to appear on my nails with regular nail lacquer after 5 days too so I think it is very comparable. I’m a tad rough on my nails too. One of them peeled up after I peeled a sticker off a box so I probably caused it to peel. Overall, I love this polish and it definitely fills the place of nail lacquer that I was hoping for. I definitely recommend that you try this polish! It doesn’t leave your nails with any damage and dries very quickly, as it says on the packaging. As long as you follow application directions, which are simple, I think you will love this product! Here are photos of my two manicures using the colors they sent:

Also, here is a photo with the polish half peeled so you can see there is no damage:

I also have a video on my Instagram account if you would like to watch how you take the polish off. You can visit my Instagram feed by clicking HERE.

I hope you love this polish as much as I do and that you give it a try! You can visit their site by clicking HERE. They also have a 10% off sale until 4/4/17, so it’s the perfect time to try it!

You can also follow their social media with these links:

Facebook: CLICK HERE

Instagram: CLICK HERE

Pinterest: CLICK HERE



Thank you for reading! Enjoy!


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