Patriotic Gear from Cove & Creek Oufitters!

Hey guys! I am super excited to share some gear that I received from a company called Cove & Creek Outfitters! Cove & Creek outfitters is a company dedicated to making clothing and accessories expressing love of being on the water! I absolutely love their products and was lucky enough to receive one of their hats, a koozie and a sticker!

I love their navy hat! It just symbolizes American pride for me and is the perfect addition to every preppy outfit! I have a red and white striped Polo vneck and plan to wear that as my Fourth of July outfit this summer and you bet I will have my koozie on hand for when I crack open a cold one! This sticker is also really cute! It would be perfect for a cooler but I’m planning on putting it on the container I have on top of my car. It will look awesome there!

I totally recommend this brand to you guys- I think you will love it and this company is one of those brands that you will love to rep in your everyday outfits. They have really cute basic tees that come in a wide variety of colors and would go great with a pair of chinos and Sperrys! They also have the cutest sunglasses straps with their logo on them that would be a perfect addition to your summer staples (they even come in pink!). You should definitely check out their website:
I also follow them on Instagram to stay updated on new arrivals and you should too!
They are currently hosting a giveaway on their Instagram page so you should enter that as well! You can win the hat and sticker I received as well as one of their shirts! It’s a great giveaway and you wouldn’t want to miss out!

I hope you loved learning about this company and if you buy something from them, be sure to let me know what and what you think about your purchase!!

Stay Stylish!


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