Scratch off Travel Map from Earthabitats

Hi guys! I have a really cool product to share with you today! Earthabitats is a company that makes scratch off maps in two styles- a world map and a U.S. map. These are made for you to scratch off where you have traveled and show them off as decorations on your wall! I love traveling and have always wanted something like this and Earthabitats was generous and sent me a U.S. map for my review.

As you can tell, I am not well traveled in the U.S. I am from NY and haven’t ventured off much from there. I took a cruise a few weeks ago which stopped in Florida so I was able to scratch that off when I got back and it was so fun to be able to scratch off a new state. The material of this is similar to a lottery scratch off and the map comes with a tool to scratch the map as well as stickers to decorate it and a magnifying glass in case you need it!

I really like that this map has the state flags at the bottom. I don’t know all of the state flags so it’s really neat to see what it looks like once I travel to that state. It almost feels like a badge that you earn for visiting that state! I totally recommend this for yourself or a gift idea for a friend who loves to travel!

You can check them out on Instagram here or purchase a map of your own here. When you purchase a map, you can use code USAMAP25 for 25% off in Amazon. The promotion lasts until June 18th!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Thank you for reading!


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